Nov 2, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

11/2/2020 pressure

I was wrong! In my blog post this morning I stated that each of my new pressure two calculators (more brewing) got 1 prediction wrong over the last 10 days. The days in which they matched predictions they were 100% correct. Actually, I took the data from the

October 30, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

10/30/2020 pressure

We are dialing in the numbers much better now. I think Next month should be a little more normal with above 70+% correct. Each day a little closer.

Using some of the additional numbers, I’ve been working with tipped me off to by Puts for Wednesday. The result

October 28, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

10/28/2020 pressure It was certainly a mixed to down day. Although, the QQQ kept above zero. SPY was rather flat. It wasn't a good trading day for the approach I…

October 27, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

10/27/2020 pressure

I was very happy to see a down market today. Why? most of my indicators were positive on Friday for the Monday open, except the one I’ve been watching closely. It’s the one based on my original pressure calculator.

I also made some adjustments to my other indicators

October 26, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

10/26/2020 pressure It's the weekend, keep the position sizes small. It's mixed but maybe leaning up. I'll have a few more mixed reading than usual as I gather the data…

Don’t Trade!

Well, that is a little extreme. I guess what I’m saying is don’t trade 100% relying on my current predictions, yet.

I have a dashboard full of signals. Some of which showed promise are fading, while others I didn’t consider are shining.

I believe good stuff is happening with the

October 22, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

10/22/2020 Pressure

It’s rare that such a big expected announcement can move the market one way or another. However, it’s still time to be cauious, that is why the market is mostly moving sideways.

I made a little money playing both sides of the market today.

Currently the calculator is