Stock Options Explained for Dummies April Pochmara

First things first; One approach to stock options are contracts that give employees the right to buy or exercise shares of company stock at the grant price, which is a pre-set price. The grant price may also be called the strike price or the exercise price. Purchasing

Should I Buy SPY Stock?

By April Pochmara

First, we should note that SPY is more correctly an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Although you can buy and sell it like a stock. It’s a basket of stocks and we will refer to it as a stock at times in this article.

Some folks like

What’s With The Neutral Days?

I’ve had to call a few neutral days recently.

Neutral days are days in which the signals are conflicting or unclear to me. Maybe it’s a setup I’ve not seen before, yet, the setup will be understood in the future for better predictions. Nonetheless, I don’t want to make a