Spy Tomorrow July 2022 Update

Spy Tomorrow July 2022 Update

This update has been a month in the making. Some of you have noticed the adjustments throughout June. We’ve made a lot of progress with the addition of new panels which help us with our spy/market predictions. We are SPY tomorrow, however, QQQ and IWM also play a prominent role.

SPY Is Going Purple

Updated Panels beginning 6/17/2022 – YouTube Video (coming)

We need to face the fact that this has been a tough trading season over the last few months. When we can find better signals, especially now, it will benefit us all in the long run.

It didn’t take long to recognize

spy-t vs. day trading

Better Than Day Trading?

SPY-T trading is better than day trading (for most)

Day trading is about following the interday price activity of a stock or group of stocks. There are a number of statistics suggesting only about 5-10% of day traders make a consistent living trading stocks each day. It’s not easy.