91% Correct!

It’s early, however, I’m feeling good about the future.

As of Today, The front page of SPY says 81% correct, which is not bad. However, if you add the mixed day which read slightly up, and recalculate the October 15th reading using my updated reading method — we are 91% correct for October.

100% correct? Unfortunately, I don’t have the proper data to reread the incorrect October 9th prediction.

One reason I’m so optimistic is that the new readings take the art out of the science of what I was doing when I made my calculator adjustments. Now, it’s all science/math. It’s a combination of readings which state market pressure up or down.

Not only do the early readings with this new calculator version look positive, anecdotal quick tests and reviews point to a universal use for most any high volume EFT’s or stock. We will see.