spy-t vs. day trading

Better Than Day Trading?

SPY-T trading is better than day trading (for most)

Day trading is about following the interday price activity of a stock or group of stocks. There are a number of statistics suggesting only about 5-10% of day traders make a consistent living trading stocks each day. It’s not easy.


New, Very Helpful Correlation

There are times when SPY seems unstoppable, and other times trading isn’t going as planned. I have a pressure gauge which is OK, to help guide my position sizing. However, until now, I didn’t have an indicator that changes the game entirely.

As you know, I now share three groups

More Numbers To Digest

Whenever we have a rough period, I go through the numbers. Especially after I launch an update. When I use these readings throughout the day, they are highly accurate, and I can’t wait to be able to offer them during trading hours.

However, we still have a great system trading

SPY Algorithm Update

I’m happy to announce the next SPY update beginning April 1, 2022 (not April fools). The core of the previous version was originally created In August 2021, updated in November 2022. Ignored for a little while and relaunched on January 24th, 2022.

On March 25th I had 100 trades with

What is SPDR stock?

What is SPDR Stock?

Spider (SPDR) is a short form name for a Standard & Poor’s depository receipt, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) managed by State Street Global Advisors that tracks the Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes (S&P 500). SPDRs can also refer to the general group of ETFs to which the Standard & Poor’s

Stock Options Explained for Dummies

spytomorrow.com April Pochmara

First things first; One approach to stock options are contracts that give employees the right to buy or exercise shares of company stock at the grant price, which is a pre-set price. The grant price may also be called the strike price or the exercise price. Purchasing

Should I Buy SPY Stock?

By April Pochmara Spytomorrow.com

First, we should note that SPY is more correctly an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Although you can buy and sell it like a stock. It’s a basket of stocks and we will refer to it as a stock at times in this article.

Some folks like