The Dream Of SPY tomorrow

When I began working on this project a year and half ago, I thought I was set. I figured it out. I’m gonna be rich.

Well, those who have followed SPY know the painful story. I’ve launched twice and shut it down giving people their money back. After the second

The One Thing I’ve Not Done

Rebuilding for fall 2021

September is the one year anniversary of the launch of I’m giving September 1, 2021 a hopeful eye for relaunch.

Wait! Haven’t I given up on this ridiculous project?

I must admit it’s hard to quit. I’ve had such successes and insight working these

Spy Tomorrow Paused.

It seems like every time I open up to the public, it breaks. After launching the C Waves, I had confidence that most issues were worked out. I was wrong.

Yesterday I closed new subscriptions, today I refunded members money. is about being of service, free directional pressure

New Membership Closed

It’s been a rough ride the last few weeks. The CN Wave is down to 75% correct. I don’t want to misdirect people. Usually, the ship rights itself, but I’m being cautious. Last Friday and Wednesday were days I would expect the pressure calculator to be incorrect. Big news and

CN Wave – The winner?

It’s 7am and there is still time for the tides to turn.

Last night, we had difficulty with the data. Members can see that of our traditional 9 indictors from last night were all green, except the CN Wave. With all the green, it looks like an easy bullish

April Review And Moving Forward

Over all, past the test.

At the beginning of the week, I mentioned to members that this week would be tough with all the earnings. The market could change mood quickly.

Unfortunately, today’s (Friday), prediction is an example of everything that can go wrong. Yesterday, I had to quickly

Memberships May Begin 2021

If you look at the SPY tomorrow track record beginning March 29th, 2021, you will see solid consistency. This means, if all continues to go well, on May 1, 2021 we will open membership again.

Why did membership go away?

Simple. The calculator broke. Although the concept did not. Over

CNB Wave Set

When I stated last month there was no more I could do, I was right and I was wrong.

March was a horrible month for many reasons. Many of the wrong days could not have been prevented. The market turned direction a lot in March with both positive and negative

The Tuesday Problem

The Calculator is working really well. Except for Tuesdays. Actually, it was Wednesday last week, which was the second trading day of the week. I looked back at previous results, Tuesday predictions were the most common day for me to state in my notes that the calculator was just wrong.

Looking Good!

Here is an update.

The calculator is still final. I tried to apply some new calculations in early February, however, it made no difference. (just testing ideas).

Over the last 7 trades we have six correct.

I’m using multiple data sets now, which has made my view of the pressure