Stock Market Timing Services

Timing the market is tough for even the best stock market professionals. However, if you can see or understand the mood of the market, you just might have an advantage.

However, stock market services can be kinda sketchy. You have to know what you are looking for when deciding on

stock market predictions

How Will The Stock Market Open Tomorrow?

How Will The Stock Market Open Tomorrow?


Straight Up Wrong

The day started up!

Most of the days in which the calculator is completely wrong are when it predicts down days. Although I lost some money, I didn’t lose a lot because the pressure was down and kept heading toward zero. Also, when there is a weekend, a holiday or

Rocky Morning

I was having doubts, however, I should know better. Pre and post markets can drive you crazy. Especially when pointing the opposite of SPY predictions. Yet at the end of the day, it’s about the market open and then how you handle it from there.

Despite all the ups and

No Prediction For Sept 9th.

Earlier reading
Traditional reading time

Looking at the first reading indicators you might figure a down day tomorrow.

However, I made an adjustment in the time for my readings. It’s been good over the last few weeks, however, my old reading time and after showed upward pressure. This conflicts with

Long Holiday Weekend SPY Trading officially launches next Tuesday, September 8th, 2020. We Begin with the rare purple and black signals over a long weekend. Although the market seems to be making a reversal to the downside, I’m following the pressure prediction of the Call up.

The calculator has been correct every day since