CNB Wave Set

When I stated last month there was no more I could do, I was right and I was wrong.

March was a horrible month for many reasons. Many of the wrong days could not have been prevented. The market turned direction a lot in March with both positive and negative news. I’ve heard of a number of traders complaining, not to feel alone. If you followed trading last month, you would have had some serious rough patches.

I’m actually surprised to say we came out of the March pain slightly ahead, only because I made a few more adjustments.

I couldn’t go forward with my calculations, however, I did go back. I revisited my original basic formula and applied all that I learned over the last 365 days directly to it. After a few weeks of tracking and backtesting, the new waves and their combinations were 12/14 overall and 7/8 for pure green and red days. Nice!

We’ve been here before.

I call the current Wave combination CNB Waves. I think it will hold. Honestly, they brought my March of doom into the positive. It’s a good combination with little opportunity to break, face switches, or need of calibrating. Still, I can update it with stronger waves I might find on some Saturday afternoon — if they exist.

This is the last approach. If April isn’t better than 70% correct, I’m going to have to concede my efforts.

It’s been a year since I traded my first pressure reading. My original concepts served me well, but it broke after about five months. I got creative, and each new generation of ideas to fix the old has only made our process stronger.

Yet, there is a point in which you must declare an experiment a success or not. This allows one to move forward to new opportunities. April 2021 is the final exam. It works or it’s time to find new opportunities elsewhere.

Keep a close eye on our progress through the month and I hope to post positive news in May 2021.

Happy trading.