Don’t Trade!

Well, that is a little extreme. I guess what I’m saying is don’t trade 100% relying on my current predictions, yet.

I have a dashboard full of signals. Some of which showed promise are fading, while others I didn’t consider are shining.

I believe good stuff is happening with the calculators. I’ve found a way to use the original pressure readings without calibration. Which sunk me in October. However, I only have a few days under my belt and we need more data to have confidence in future predictions.

Unfortunately, due to the new approach, I don’t have the data available to backtest the new system I implemented on October 19th (It’s not represented on the home page)

I feel good about being able to use some of the original data readings because it fits with my original hypothesis. This is the approach that helped me make money over the last six months. However, this new approach would have never happened without being forced to set up new experiments.

I will make new changes to the front page on November 1st. If I have confidence, I’ll begin November predictions fully using the updated model.

I’m optimistic, and currently, I see this site back out of beta before the end of the year.