Frequently Ask Questions about SPY Tomorrow.

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2023

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What is the mission of this website? The website mission is to offer people an opportunity for financial education, freedom to live a balanced life of creativity, compassion, and charity.

How Do I know what the best SPY-T trade is for the current trading environment? Members have access to a tool (trade ideas) which answers that question. However, most SPY-T trades outside of small directional, SPY-TA and SPY-TQ. are not strong over weekends, holidays, and low volatility environments.

What is SPY-T Trading? SPY-T is the brand name of the trading style. It’s an overnight swing trade system which uses a ratio option strategy based on signals.

What is the SPY-T b Trading strategy? Like traditional SPY-T trading, it has three parts. An overnight swing trade, uses spy tomorrow signals, except this one buys (in the case of an up call) a Call in the money and buys a Put at a different strike price about half the price (premium). It’s an excellent overnight trade, but not a strong option over weekends and holidays.

What is the SPY-Ts Trading strategy? It’s an overnight swing trade, for an up signal the trader buy a Call one strike in the money and buys a Put 2 strikes out of the money. However it’s not always a strong option over weekends and holidays. It’s best for high volatility trading environments.

What does the name Spy Tomorrow mean? SPY is an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). SPY also means secretly collecting and reporting information on the activities, movements, and plans. Tomorrow is the following day. SPY tomorrow means we are spying on the next SPY market open.

What is a swing trade? A swing trade is a stock or options trade based on technical information. The trade enters and exits the trade based on preferred trading signals over a period of time, generally longer than a day. SPY-T trading uses an overnight-style swing trade based on pressure signals.

When are free pressure predictions posted? members see the next day’s prediction before the market closes. However, an up or down version of the prediction is available on the front page of and social media after the market closes (4PM EST) or on social media platforms such as Twitter (X).

Who invented the calculator(s)? The website is owned by The Rosh Group, Inc. The calculators are derived, created by Rosh Sillars, and maintained by The Rosh Group, Inc. Learn more on the about page.

What is a correct pressure prediction? A correct prediction is how the U.S. SPY market opens compared to the previous market close. We also count immediate reversals on days in which the market opens opposite of our prediction, yet shows a quick pressure reversal in our favor as predicted (usually within the first 30 minutes of U.S market open). More about scoring here.

Does the calculator itself ever change? Yes, over the years of development, the formulas, algorithms, and meters are adjusted as different market climates pose new challenges. As of August 2023 the Purple series of algorithms and meters are the primary indicators. The Purple Max I is the up-down signal on the front page of

Is The Next Day Market Open The Only Way To Use The SPY Pressure? No, if you look at the charts next to the predictions on the front page, you may discover helpful patterns for your trading. However, SPY tomorrow pressure is designed to be a short-term prediction model. Members have access to 1/2 hour pressure readings during trading hours.

Is there a prediction for every trading day? As you can see in the archives, some days we do not make public predictions, especially on mixed-signal or data failure days. If there is a data failure, and/or adjustments are made, we note it next to the prediction or display a neutral signal.

Do You Offer Free Trials? Honestly, there is no need for a free trial because we post the pressure prediction for free on the Website and often on Twitter just after market close (many platforms allow you to trade a little after close). You can paper trade for a few weeks to decide if a SPY membership might be right for you.

Why no guarantees? If you read our TOS, it may look like we don’t stand by our products and services. The fact is we feel the information we share is highly valuable for many types of market trading, especially SPY-T trading. However, there are too many risks and variables out of our control for us to guarantee anything. So, as a media company, we only report the information and results with commentary for educational purposes.

Does the calculator really predict the future? No, it measures what we refer to as the pressure of the market near the end of the trading day. This pressure often reflects the open price direction of the next day’s market open. This assumes no market-changing factors exist between the previous close and the next day’s opening.

Do You Ever Make Mistakes? Yes, data entry and human errors can happen and have happened. This is another reason we can’t offer guarantees and only provide this information for educational purposes.

Can you measure market pressure during the trading day? Yes, market pressure can be measured at any time during trading hours. Members have access to half-hour readings between 10:10am and 3PM EST.

If the calculator is so accurate should I trade my entire account? Absolutely NOT. We recommend diversifying your portfolio and practicing prudent position sizing so you can trade another day. The mood of the market does and can change at any time. Market readings before market close can easily change by market open the next day or over the weekend. Market shifting news is often the biggest culprit for incorrect results.

If there is no prediction “none” or “neutral” should I not trade? If you are a member, you can use the data and the developing patterns in any way you see fit for your trading strategies and style. If the results are mixed or questionable in our opinion, we may not make a prediction. In rare cases, the indicators may point to an obvious direction but we may not feel the data, adjustments, new collaborations or support data can justify a firm prediction.

Is the calculator accurate over weekends and holidays? The SPY Tomorrow calculator has a good track record over weekends and holidays. However, we believe every hour and everyday increase between the close of the market, and the next opening offers an opportunity for a change in market mood. We recommend lower position sizes during such time frames.

Does the calculator predict every market? No, the calculator based on the reading of the ETF SPY (S&P 500). Other market ETF’s such as the QQQ may open and move differently from SPY Tomorrow calculator predictions.

Can the calculator predictions be used for other markets? Yes, the original calculator created in 2020 was based on the QQQ and can be calibrated for other EFT’s and possibly high volume individual stocks. These calculators are being tested, however, they are currently not available to the public. We regularly use the SPY Tomorrow calculator as a general market mood guide to purchase options such as the QQQ, IWM, and sometimes individual stocks.

Why is the directional information free? Simply, to be a helpful member to society. However, if we feel the data is abused or not helpful, as a whole, we retain the right to limit or remove free data. The website owner The Rosh Group, Inc. does make money from the Insider SPY Tomorrow data sharing for members.

Will always offer free signals? Currently, there are no plans not to offer the free option on the front page, however, The Rosh Group, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue this option for any reason.

Are trading recommendations from financial professionals? No, is owned by the digital media company, The Rosh Group, Inc.

However, we do offer best practice recommendations and opinions based on our personal experience for the insight and safety of our customers. For example, we recommend small position sizes so you don’t lose all or a large percentage of your money if the calculator is wrong or the market mood changes. We offer opinions and data interpretation, not professional financial advice.

Can or its team members trade for me using the calculator and predictions? No, we do not and can not take on clients for this purpose. is owned by a media company, The Rosh Group, Inc. We are not qualified financial professionals.

Media inquires, please email Rosh Sillars