Last shiny object is out of the way. Here we go!

Don’t worry there is a positive ending to this (familiar) story.

You may have noticed that if you followed since my last post, it was wrong 8 out of 11 times. Well, that’s because I found one last shiny object to try.

If you recall, I create a test environment to confirm new ideas. As I was placing the working calculator back into the system, I noticed one of the main three indicators seem to work better using a new switch I found. It back-tested just a little better than my global E6 switch. So, I put it into action for

After two weeks, once again sounding like a person with a gambling addiction or drug problem, I made excuses for the poor performance over the next 11 trading days.

Once again, I found myself in despair. The current spy calculator worked over 80% of the time for over 100 trades since last august. It’s true, I started tinkering and messed things up. However, this time, I had a real fear that there was a new switch! If so, this switch is bigger than E6 and I have nowhere to start.

Then it hit me, I wasn’t using E6, I was using the new switch I found.

I immediately backtested with E6 and it was right 9 of 11 days. Once again over 80%. With such resent volatility in the market, my heart sunk. The knowing of how I missed so much opportunity, just like December.

Unlike December, my account was completely trashed following SPY predictions. Yes, I put my money where my mouth is with spytomorrow predictions. If I’m unwilling to trade them, why should anyone else?

This was last Thursday after the market closed. I had already bought calls for Friday. Yet, the correct calculation was for a down day. Yep, I lost. And I was not left with much trading capital in that account.

Friday was one of the first proper calculation predictions since November. Yeah, that is still embarrassing. This was even more so. I posted for a down Monday. The pressure gauge was a solid down too. In a hurry, I, unfortunately, bought solid out of the money calls expiring Monday. This means we needed a big move to make money.

Fortunately, we got the down and even better – the big move. This will be an interesting story if I can pull this account from this bottom back to major highs. I expect to do it.

The fact is, despite my missteps and failure to implement spy calculators correctly. has a working pressure calculator which has proved itself since its August creation.

Even if the calculator was only 70% correct, we would be making money, even 65% would get us there. Yet, it seems to be consistently about 80-85% correct on average.

I’m ready to end the pain of my errors.

Today was a good start with an 87% gain in my now small spytomorrow account. I’m ready to make it flush with cash again. I’ll use the trading skills I’ve learned over the last couple years and the predictions of the spy calculator.

I’m using the correct calculator, no shiny object to take my attention away. I will not try to improve or tinker with anything unless the system starts to fail over time (below 70% correct). The past doesn’t guarantee the future, however, from what I’ve seen, I think this calculator is ready for full launch and to be out of beta for its two-year anniversary.

Yes, I’ve been working on for two years. It all started with seeing patterns and then figuring out how to create a working calculator. Each failure taught me a great deal about how to solve the calculations. I finally created a true working version last August.

It’s true, there are a lot of wrong predictions posted. I’m not going to change them to the correct calculator predictions. I think that would be unethical and suspicious. So, they will remain in the archive. Now, I need to begin again to develop a new track record. If all goes well through the end of the month, I’ll open membership with a soft launch on February 1, 2022.

The plan is to end the beta on March 1st and begin a full-court press to take to the world. at that point, I should have over a month of posting success.

If you are reading this and lost money because of the beta version of postings. email me by Feb 1, 2022 and I’ll give you a free lifetime membership (as long as you follow policies).

So, if I’m showing up or down pressure on the front page of, what value is there to a membership?

First, the front page only shares up or down. Membership shows the numbers, so you can gauge the confidence level of the prediction. In other words, we offer red, orange, yellow and green arrows. Plus, the independent pressure gauge is extremely valuable (only available to members). It will give you an indication if the next day will be a high volatility day or flat day. If you trade options, you know the value.

Plus, you have access.

Access to my ear to ask questions, read my recommendations, special training, and feature requests. Plus, there is no guarantee I’ll offer everyday up and down predictions on the front page.

Lastly, the spy tomorrow fee is planned to go up 10% every month. As I add new features such as the dream of hourly or minute-by-minute predictions (great for day traders) you will be locked in at your rate until/if you unsubscribe.

I’ve worked two years with much excitement and pain on spytomorrow. I think much good can come from this project.

Now is the time. Join me.