Long Holiday Weekend SPY Trading

spytomorrow.com officially launches next Tuesday, September 8th, 2020. We Begin with the rare purple and black signals over a long weekend. Although the market seems to be making a reversal to the downside, I’m following the pressure prediction of the Call up.

The calculator has been correct every day since I’ve began sharing the predictions on the beta website. However, over the long term, the calculator predictions are usually correct 85-90% of the time. Weekend trades (Friday to Monday) are some of the most dangerous, this includes long holiday weekends.

Although the numbers are off the charts with pressure up, which based on history, does give me pause as to how to trade these signals. Some of the biggest wrongs have come from purple high pressure up day signals.

Again, it’s a long holiday weekend in the United States. A lot can happen between now and Tuesday.

This means I’m taking a very small position to the upside. If the calculator is right, I make a little money, if it’s wrong, I will not blow up my account.