Looking Back At November

November was much better than October 2020 (55%). We ended November with 70% correct, which for a transition month is not bad. My goal is still 80% correct SPY open predictions and I think we will achieve that number in December.

Actually, my new and favored calculation metric hit 83% in November. Unfortunately, there were days I didn’t have enough data to change the official call to the new reading. I have a lot of data and calculations flowing through my calculator, however, it’s coming down to the one (N2 Wave) that works the best and consistently.

I’m going to keep the SPY tomorrow site in beta until January first. If the new calculation hits over 75% in my public predictions, I’ll take the site out of beta and begin to spread the news.

What do I mean by public predictions? Basically, it’s the prediction published on the front page of spytomorrow.com. For example, today I knew there was a good chance for a down day. Now that I have more confirmation readings, the next time I get such a result, I’ll make a better prediction. However, my public prediction was up for Monday, so spy tomorrow was officially wrong about November 30th.

As the month progresses, I’ll continue to eliminate some readings which will allow me to make predictions and publish them faster after 3:45.

November was a losing month for me, again. Two months in a row, first losses since I started last winter. However, such losses wouldn’t have forced me to find more accurate a solution. December will not be a losing month.