Looking Good!

Here is an update.

The calculator is still final. I tried to apply some new calculations in early February, however, it made no difference. (just testing ideas).

Over the last 7 trades we have six correct.

I’m using multiple data sets now, which has made my view of the pressure more accurate and stable. I’ve made notes on the front page of Spy tomorrow. As always, news and overnight market sentiment can always change. However, I’m feeling good with this multi-data set approach.

Honestly, there is nothing more I can do. Maybe play with other data sets (date ranges, ETF’s or Stocks).

The foundation and approach is done, done, done.

My job now is to learn how to read the calculator better. For example, The Feb. 22nd Monday prediction has a pure green arrow in one data set, although not strong, they are all green. The other two are mixed pointing down with stronger numbers. So, I called it Orange down.

Those green arrows could bit me in the butt, yet, this is a learning lesson for when the signals are not clear as day, like Friday. Friday’s numbers were more green than a bright spring day from all the data sets.

Remember, the goal is 80% correct or better and to use smaller position sizes over the weekend and holidays. I’m still placing smaller position sizes on down pressure calculations too. Mostly because I’m still a little gun shy of past break downs. Most wrong days over the last year were down predictions.

Current plan: We are still out of Beta, Although I did have to make a couple data set adjustments for more stable predictions, it’s not a big deal. We are full sail.

After 50 trades, I’ll consider offering insider data and support through membership again.