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The new pressure reading is posted between 3:50-3:55 EST trading days. Numbers are adjusting during the updating process, be sure you see the next trading day date. The algorithms measure what we refer to as pressure at the end of the trading day. This pressure often correlates to the next morning market open. Check out how we score. You can use the reading solo or in combination with other signals. Always consider possible overnight news events which could reverse market mood.

Latest SPY – T News

Nov 18, 2022 We are integrating a new (non-PayPal) payment system. PayPal is still available as a second payment option for the foreseeable future.

Nov 10, 22 New SPY-T page explaining and demonstrating SPY-T trading types.

Nov 7, 22 A new archive page is now available for SPY – T trade compare (data in video)

Nov 6, 22 New and very helpful SPY – T trading comparison video

Nov 4, 22 – We’ve updated the hourly to read the SPY D6 and the color versions associated with it Purple, Orange, Blue.

Oct 31, 22 – Daily: Hourly reading begins today. Note we are in beta. I’ll be mapping results, and I may switch the source, if we see better results from other panels. However, feel free to watch and use (with caution) the SPY (L) pressure indicator during the day. Each update should be about the top of each hour 10-3PM.

Five Things

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  3. Be sure to review the welcome video on the member’s video page (here)
  4. 15-minute Monday office hours meetings are available to members via Zoom with Rosh (schedule here)
  5. Email Rosh anytime with questions or comments