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A new pressure reading is posted for members between 3:50-3:55 EST trading days. Numbers are adjusting during the updating process, so, be sure you see the next trading day date. The spytomorrow.com algorithms measure what we refer to as pressure at the end of the trading day. This pressure often correlates to the next morning market open. You can use the pressure reading solo or in combination with other signals. Always consider possible overnight news events and economic data which could reverse the market mood. We highly recommend you use the SPY-Ts trading method before going purely directional with Calls and Puts or use more aggressive SPY-T trades. Check out the video on the 30-day challenge to get started. (Video: 30 day challenge)

Latest SPY – T News

March 13, 2023 – The hourly pressure reading algorithm is updated. Max range (-9 to 9)

March 7, 2023 The member prediction charts (above) are updated to a fast and immediate updated chart. The are not as detailed and colorful. More in-depth information is still available on the algorithm pages.

Feb 20, 2023 We have a new welcome video which also reviews the latest navigation. https://vimeo.com/800337256

Feb 15, 2023 Beginning today we will use the short-term data. Although, we don’t have a deep amount of test data, it has been far superior to the current data set (chart posted in chat). We still must watch how the switch affects it, among other variables. I will share any warnings in Chat.

Feb 8, 2023 Beginning today the first reading will be at 10:10 am to display more accurate data. The rest of the day will remain on the hour.

January 30, 2023 The newest algorithm restructure update is live, new pages including the algorithm “heart” page are being launched. I will create a blog post/videos explaining why I made more updates and changes after the December update.

January 14, 2023 We have added SPY bot AI trading coach https://spytomorrow.com/spy-bot/

January 9, 2023. I’ve just finished and released the new SPY-T trading course. It’s free for members.  https://spytomorrow.com/spy-t-intro-course/

Five Things

  1. Click the green button to see the most recent 3 Algorithm pressure readings.
  2. Manage your (non-PayPal) subscription via the Purple button. PayPal members may unsubscribe on the contact page
  3. Be sure to review the welcome video on the member’s video page (here)
  4. Take the SPY-T 30-day challenge (Video: 30 day challenge)
  5. Email Rosh anytime with questions or comments rosh@spytomorrow.com

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Rosh Sillars and members of The Rosh Group, Inc. can not offer direct or personal financial advice and strategy. All such information is delivered on the blog, website, YouTube, or to the chat group as a whole in general terms. However, feel free to ask where to find resources and information.