Nov 23, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

11/23/2020 SPY Wave Pressure

SPY Wave 2SPY Wave 4SPY Wave 6Day Wave Match/Mix
Match means both signals are pointing in the same direction. Mixed means each is showing opposite directions. Currently, a mixed-signal is an up result 85% of the time.

Bad Week, Now What?

This is my take-a-way. While in beta, I’m still tweaking and learning the little things that may have changed predictions 2 of the 4 last wrong days. 2 days were just wrong.

Still, I’m all in now on this new calculator, so, yes, this week stung. However, after a 90% accuracy run, I still believe I can keep spy tomorrow predictions over 80% correct each month once we are out of beta.

I’m planning on December 1, 2020. However, if feel there is still a little tweaking to do, I’ll wait until the new year.

Monday November: mixed so I’m pointing up

Rosh Sillars Position Size Approach

  • Match Green Up: 100% position size
  • Match Yellow Up: 75% position size
  • Mixed (buy calls): 50-75% position size.
  • Match Orange Down: 50% position size.
  • Match Red Down: 50-75% position size
  • Weekends and holidays: 50% position size

More information on post November 17, 2020

Rosh Personal Trading Rules

  • If the morning opens and the trade has less than 5% profit – immediately sell.
  • If market opens giving you an over 5% profit protect your profit and use stops to possibly follow the market or percentage up.
  • If the calculator is wrong. Use stops to prevent further loss and follow the market if it heads back in your favor.
  • Minimize losses and maximize wins.
  • Always play it safe over holidays, weekends, and down pointing days.