Nov 3, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

11/3/2020 SPY Wave Pressure

mixed spy prediction

The next few days are going to be interesting. I’m going to share predictions, however, my suggestion is to be extra careful. The markets could turn on news in a second.

Good news, we are still 100% over the last couple of weeks using the new metrics, which I officially began using today (see chart below for history data).

Tomorrow’s reading the first mixed reading using this system. 3 showing slightly up and 1 signal deeply down, so, I’m buying puts and calls for safety.

I’m no fool, I know they will be wrong in the future. The way October went, the first wrong prediction will be Monday. The first official day I use the calculator for my predictions. On second thought, let’s have a positive attitude and make November amazing.

These new calculations also give a nice indication if there is a big move ahead. I’m still working out the difference between yellow and green or orange and red arrows.

Next week is going to be interesting with all the news more covid, the election and more earnings craziness.

The new calculator says up, so, I’m placing small position sizes over the weekend (which I always recommend).

Heres to an exciting November!