Nov 4, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

11/4/2020 SPY Wave Pressure

Starting today, I’m going to share the main prediction on the front page of before 4 PM EST market close (for now). I have valuable information that will benefit members only as the month progresses.

I will protect these posts for members moving forward.

At some point I may pull back this opportunity, however, those who are not members can take advantage of the basic access now.

Yesterday the signals were three up and one down out of the four new calculations which I use together to make the SPY predictions.

Today for November 4, the SPY Wave 4 indicators point to 3 down and one up. The earlier reading today was 4 down. I think we have one down on the last reading due to an anomaly from yesterday’s reading, that’s why I shared a mixed prediction. Generally, all the results are in alignment, based on my limited experience with this new data.

Due to the volatility of the time (election), If you’re uneasy buy Calls and Puts equally. I did this yesterday and I came out well ahead today.