October 14, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

10/14/2020 pressure

  • DV5 (new zero point = 0): 10
  • Third Pressure (zero point = 2.47): 2.01
  • G 100 (zero point = 20): 13.64
mixed spy prediction
I did change this at the last minute from slightly up.

Two days under our belts that were correct. We again have a close call day. This morning started out flat and then fell. Today’s reading is rather neutral too.

It’s going to take me a while to gain confidence with the new calculator. Again, with a close call again, I would play defense with your trade.

After a couple weeks more with this calculator in real world use, I’ll begin to share more information and graphs.

I tested QQQ and it’s pointing down.