October Plan

Sometimes I wish I didn’t count success based on the opening of the next day. However, currently, that is my best approach.

I’ve watched the mounting down pressure become darker and steadier. Yet, we have up days on news and for reasons, I’m not sure. Yet, the big money as I interpreted it seems to be pulling out.

Honestly, the best way to use my calculators is like understanding the direction of the wind. The market can go up like yesterday against the wind, but collapses at the end . This is what I see with the overall market.

Eventually, I’d like to have a continuous display of the pressure measurements, even display as chart like other indicators. I’m sure it would be more beneficial than a single reading. Not to dismiss the power of the end of day reading.


I did adjust the purple and black signals for the Pressure 3. I Moved the purple up signal to 3 (from 3.5) and black to 2 (from 1.5). After reviewing the history, these seemed to be a solid cut off point for success.

Also after review, I’m going to give myself more room on my stops. I played my stops really close in Sept. Yes, I can lose more, however, I didn’t let the pressure reading set up and I lost out on big moves.

Trading when the pressure is down, has always been the toughest. I expect a rough choppy road until this negative pressure clears out. For some, this may not be a good time to trade.

If the pressure reading doesn’t reverse with positive signals, if we continue to move into a strong rally or prove itself with a big selloff, the last conclusion is that the calculator is broken (I don’t think so).

These pressure signals are new and I’m learning how to use the better every day, of course, I’ll share what I know and learn here.