Results: First Month

Although not many have watched my first month of public trading results, it’s still an interesting experience.

Of course, the first month (murphy’s law) would be a tough month of trading for me. I don’t think I did very well. The calculators were under average with 73% correct next morning open predictions (still not bad). I personally could have traded better.

The last day of the month was a pressure down reading, it was headed down solidly and then we got an excellent jobs ADP insight number [news]. Ugh.

Honestly, who would complain about a 28.73% return on their money over a year? Check with your local bank’s current interest rates. Well, despite the ups and downs, I increased my account by almost 30% in a month.

Why am I not thrilled?

The main reason is my target is 50% per month, which has been the low end of my trading results many months since early 2020.

What happened? The fact is it was more me than my Calculators. I played it tight with my stops and lost out on excellent opportunities when the calculators pointed me in the right direction.

You gotta get when the gettin’s good.

There were only one or two trading days out of 27 (including the end of august trading) in which the calculator prediction was not correct and the result put a big dent in my account. The rest was on me for not hitting my goal.

Trading is a skill. I feel I have an advantage with my calculator insights, however, it’s up to me to pull the trigger to buy and sell the options I select.

The same goes for your trading. Start slow, learn and understand your strategies over time. You will have ups and downs, however, the more you trade the better your instinct and decisions.

I’m taking a little off the table and starting October with $1700.