September 30, 2020 [Spy Insiders]

9/30/2020 pressure

  • Third Pressure (zero point = 2.47): 1.98
  • G 100 (zero point = 20): 10.55

It’s the last trading day of the month. The pressure is still pointing solidly down. I’m surprised we’ve not had more sell-offs. Even today wasn’t a big move down.

Yet, the downward pressure persists. Considering the debates tonight and it’s the last day of the quarter tomorrow, who knows what could ultimately happen. Yet, I follow my calculators and buy some Puts.

I find following the pressure readings kind of like baseball. As I read and track the pressure in its current form (I have statistics back to mid-June). I can compare previous results, which offers better insight into the value of these readings.

During the last three months, the market was only positive once when Pressure 3 is below 2. The one time it was only slightly positive at the open with a rather flat day after.