This is an ongoing study comparing various traditional option trades and SPY-T trading approaches. This study is updated in batches.

This experiment focuses on some traditional and the SPY-T trading approaches using the same conditions to demonstrate possible results over time and in different trading environments. Unlike the first study, this study uses the up or down indicators. This study doesn’t express if the indicator was ultimately right or wrong within the first half hour of trading. It is just the results of the moment the data was captured within the first minutes of the trading day.

A snapshot of SPY options data (3-6 days to contract expiration) is captured near market close and again captured soon after the market opens. Exact capture times can and do vary.

The experiment begins with $1000. We list the buy price and sell price, and then the result percentage. The buy and sell price does not match the total balance. However, the percentage result is added to the total SPY-T trading balance for each trading style. This represents a 100% reinvestment risk for each trade. The only exceptions are the directional trades using 50% and 25% of the account balance.

We do not recommend a 100% reinvestment risk for any strategy. This approach is for experiment and demonstration purposes only.