SPY Tomorrow is Weak from kryptonite, Not Broken

The last couple of weeks has been tough for SPY. Yet, members have still made money by being patient. Normally, we shoot for the first 15 minutes after market open, however, members have been sticking to the prediction and winning in the end. (I’ve not always been so patient).

The last couple of weeks have been filled with fast-paced news events. This is SPY tomorrow’s kryptonite when we use the calculations for overnight trading. Overnight trading is the main trade we currently use, which is risky, yet can offer amazing rewards.

Of course, times like these get me motivated to automate the process with an app or widget on the website.

Is It Broken?

The short answer is no. I know these calculators very well. I know when they are broken. They are still doing what we ask them to do. Give us a pressure reading at the end of the trading day, which often correlates with the open the next day. Unfortunately, the news of war and inflation have taken the legs out of many overnight predictions.

The good news is nothing needs to be fixed. Once things calm down we should be back to normal readings and results.

I soft-launched Spytomorrow.com to the public in February, after over 100 days of readings resulting in over 80% correct results based on our rules of success. Do note that all of the publicly displayed predictions in previous months’ archives are not necessarily from the current launched calculator.

Unfortunately, I did go off the rails using new and old models which I believed were working as the current model. They didn’t.

Let’s get through the pain, I’m still up over 300% since launch. I hope you are too.