The Dream Of SPY tomorrow

When I began working on this project a year and half ago, I thought I was set. I figured it out. I’m gonna be rich.

Well, those who have followed SPY know the painful story. I’ve launched twice and shut it down giving people their money back. After the second shut down I declared I’ll only launch again when I’m 100% sure and have even more data. Plus, I’ll need to pass some personal milestones. In other words, putting my money where my calculations are with success.

The dream of spy tomorrow is to have solid, reliable indicators that can predict the opening of the market the next day. This sounds amazing! Of course, news can always change market direction and pressure. Yet, if we can know most of the time how the markets might open — game over. We now have the freedom, financial safety, and dream so many who play in the markets are looking for each trading day.

I say play because this is not investing. Like many during the pandemic, I’m one of the thousands, if not millions of people who use the financial markets (including crypto) in unconventional ways.

Where is the dream now?

If I were to base where I’m at with SPY compared to previous SPY tomorrow launches, I would be launched now. The current evolution of the SPY tomorrow system is over 80% correct over the last two months. Some elements are a solid 90% when the signal hits.

Yet, I’m not ready for my next opening launch. The third try will be my last and I want to make sure SPY tomorrow stays open. Am I 100% sure I will open SPY again? I would say today I’m 80% sure.

The next step is to start publicly sharing predictions on the front page and twitter again. This is something I’ve not done since May. Quite honestly, it’s a lot of pressure. I’ll need support to share the data in a timely presentation every trading day.

I’ll also post closer to 5 minutes before the market closes to give me room and cause less stress. This still gives SPY followers plenty of time to pull the trigger on their overnight trades.

Better Trading

About a month ago I tried trading as I did at the beginning of Feb 2020. I eventually got away from my original personal trading approach thinking there were safer and better ways. I discovered I was doinging myself a disservice which resulted in lower gains. In other words, I could have made much more over time than I was. I could have erased many losses much quicker too.

For example, I doubled my account over the last week. The evolution of the approach I was using until September would have returned about 25%.

It hasn’t been all roses since last May. I had big losses when SPY was faulty. I believe I’ve fixed the issues, and SPY is solid with 38 of 46 trades predicted correctly by the current version.

The Future Of SPY tomorrow

As long as the current version holds. You will most likely see more rumblings in the coming month. With better signals and a trading system that produces higher profits, you must know I’m itching to share.

Honestly, there were moments I thought the dream was dead. However, I’m happy to say, although I’m not ready, the dream of SPY tomorrow is alive and just might bring you profits in the near future.