The One Thing I’ve Not Done

Rebuilding for fall 2021

September is the one year anniversary of the launch of I’m giving September 1, 2021 a hopeful eye for relaunch.

Wait! Haven’t I given up on this ridiculous project?

I must admit it’s hard to quit. I’ve had such successes and insight working these numbers. There is still one approach I’ve not taken to this calculation strategy. Many of my calculation discoveries used a thin set or sets of data from the whole. Over time I increased the amount of data with a triangulation philosophy. The results got better, but would eventually break down.

The last effort is to take all of the data and rewrite the calculators.

Yes, I’m happy to announce I have created a new calculator, unfortunately, many of my older calculation equations don’t work with this system. Or, at least how I created them before. Still, my original concepts do work and hold together when I upload the entire (very large) data set.

The results after two weeks. 13 of 13 or 11/12 of 13 if you are going to be extremely strick about the open. I often given myself some room if the market opens opposite, yet, immediately moves to the pressure prediction. In other words, we could still make money in the first 10 minutes.

Yes, yes, yes, we’ve been here before — multiple times. This is why I’m waiting until September to decide if I’m going to open up again or shut down permanently. If all goes well, I’ll begin displaying predictions on the front page of SPY and Twitter in August. I may open back up for memberships possibly in September.

I’m not as starry-eyed as I was a year ago, I’m being realistic.

I can only assume that there is a what I refer to as a rolling within the data. I would capture sections that worked and then they would fall out of favor. Using the entire data set includes everything all the time. I’m hopeful the positive results continue. I’ll keep you up to date.