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The current and most accurate version of the SPY pressure calculator launched on March 28th is doing amazingly well. It’s called the CNB Wave. You can see the results FREE on the front page of

Simply for those who are looking for direction to trade stocks and options.

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Simply for those who want a high probability direction to trade stocks and options.

These calculations are mathematical speculation and offer no guarantees of future results. We measure open and closes based on the posted WSJ SPY. Pressure predictions are currently posted here at about 3:50 PM EST for the next trading day. The up and down signals are available on the front page, free to the general public, and on Twitter @prosperous

The following predictions are based on data we curate from third parties. This data is input into the calculators to figure what we refer to as pressure, mood or direction of the market (SPY) for the following day market open. (Last stable version launched as of March 29th, 2021). Success is measured by the opening price of the predicted days market. Yet, the opening doesn’t tell the whole story of the calculated pressure can still reflect the market direction after the open. For this reason, we place an end-of-day chart result next to the prediction. The most common reason for the prediction to be wrong is unexpected market changing news.