What’s With The Neutral Days?

I’ve had to call a few neutral days recently.

Neutral days are days in which the signals are conflicting or unclear to me. Maybe it’s a setup I’ve not seen before, yet, the setup will be understood in the future for better predictions. Nonetheless, I don’t want to make a call that might point you in the wrong direction.

Above are the current results for November 18th. Most of these numbers are used for my readings, some are promising but still experimental. This is the type of view members will get, when membership opens. The first three readings (starting with 50 Mood) on the left are core readings, The next three (ABS 50) are also core readings. Unfortunately, for us on November 18th, these readings fully conflict.

The reading on the left must be solid, and when it is, it’s been over 90% correct. The next reading with ABS 50 needs two out of three for a readable signal (if the mood 50 group is not solid). If the ABS group is leaning solid green as it is above, it’s also 90% correct.

Another secondary signal is using the five signals starting with ABS 50 and moving right, it’s not as reliable, but helpful.

Lastly, is the core signal from last spring. N2VV is the signal I kicked off the relaunch of spytomorrow.com last April. And then It broke.

I like it because it can also correlate to how much of a movement is coming the next morning. How much pressure. I believe I found the switch to fix N2VV. It’s still in the testing phase, yet, so far so good. about 85% correct with a little data and switches activated behind it.

If I had to pick a direction based on these results I’d say up.

However, I’ve not faced this situation. It’s like seeing two of your children pointing in opposite directions and only one will be the victor.

The good news is of the 70 calls I’ve made with the current calculator version, prelaunch and live beta we are sitting at 80% correct since the beginning of August 2021. Not bad and better than past performances. It looks like my switch fixes are working.

I’m sad I may have missed today’s opportunity, however, the good news is there is always the next trading day.